Be a leading international company to offer heavy transport engineering service.
Heavy Industries Global Supply Services
Shanghai MEGAMOVE Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, is a high-tech engineering service enterprise specializing in the transportation, hoisting, jacking, sliding, rolling (unloading), shipping, installation, and dismantling of super large and heavy equipment (500 tons and above). With an international service network in Russia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia, MEGAMOVE provides professional consultancy services in major equipment transport and logistics technology, engineering logistics solutions, and major equipment transportation and displacement engineering implementation services.

MEGAMOVE was founded by a group of former senior executives from internationally renowned logistics and technology companies such as DOCKWISE and DATALOGIC, as well as domestic senior experts in major equipment logistics transportation. With over 20 years of experience in logistics and supply chain, super large and heavy equipment logistics and displacement engineering, the company not only has a professional technical team and construction team with rich practical experience and exquisite theory but also has a series of patents in the field of displacement engineering services. MEGAMOVE delivers on its promises with high-quality, high safety, and optimal cost-effective delivery standards.

MEGAMOVE ‘s industry-specific solutions and engineering services have successfully completed numerous representative projects in industries such as petrochemicals, nuclear power, mining, urban construction, bridge engineering, railway engineering, electric power, offshore wind power, shipbuilding, port terminals, and ocean module manufacturing, with high-quality and safe services.
Vision | Mission | Values
Pragmatic,innovation,commitment and introspection.
Safety and Efficiency
Based on the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet and other technologies, MEGAMOVE provides safe and cost-effective solutions to our clients with professional services in the heavy transport market. To supporting our clients to complete their projects, our team takes the values of “truth-seeking, innovation, introspection and commitment” as the foundation of our culture to achieve win-win with our clients.
Safety First

We are committed to the principle of “Safety First”. Our solutions are designed through serious calibrations, simulations and inspections. On-site operation processes are required to follow external and internal safety standards. Perfect delivery is based on professional technology, safe solution, reliable tools, well- organized management and powerful execution. The company’s internal engineering safety standards are applied to all company staff and are thoroughly implemented through various trainings, programs, meetings, and safety manuals. Only qualified engineers and operators are permitted to work on-site.
Optimal Cost Efficiency 

We focus on the most cost-effective solution to the requests from our clients. Through shorting the time during logistics with our clients, MEGAMOVE is committed to improve efficiency and cut cost.

Cohesive and Teamworking 

MEGAMOVE is committed to provide cohesive services for every client. “Safe and Efficient”is our common objective. We believe that the target can be achieved by cooperation and teamworking.
MEGAMOVE has constructed good relationship with a wide range of clients and partners in the heavy transport field. Adhering to the mission of “Committed to improving safety and efficiency, creating value for clients”, we have won the trust of clients, including Shanghai Electric, ZPMC Group, Fuzhou Shipbuilding Group, WUSHANG Group, Vietnam PTSC, CNOOC,CRCC, CREC, CCCCltd, CSSC, CSCEC, Aerospace Science and Technology, Mingyang Smart Energy, Envision-Group, CS Wind, etc.

MEGAMOVE has successfully delivered diversified heavy transport projects for clients in different industries. We will continue to improve ourselves to create values for our clients, and achieve win-win target.

MEGAMOVE has a professional team with international background. Key team members have been working in some well-known companies, such as DATALOGIC, Michelin, Sinopec, CNOOC, Dockwise/Boskalis. They have been involved in the design and implementation of major transportation and lifting solutions for the National Day 70th Anniversary Celebration Observatory, LED screens, floats, etc. Other project experiences include the VIKING oil platform decom in the UK North Sea and Arctic LNG 2 in Russia.
Our main commercial team participated in the establishment of Shanghai TIANDIHUI LOGISTICS (GROUP) COMPANY, with sales of over 10 billion in 2019 and top 100 private enterprises in China’s service industry in 2020. General Man- ager HE CHANG CHUN was awarded the certificate of “Excellent Private Entre- preneur” by Sichuan Provincial Government.

MEGAMOVE owns ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification, national electric power bulky transport contract qualification and NVOCC qualification.