In-Site Backing of Steel Box Girders for Bridge Transportation of bridge steel box girders within the project site
In accordance with national bridge industry standards, a large number of bridge components are required to be manufactured in a factory and prefabricated manner, including concrete, steel mix and steel box girders. The precast steel box girders require steel plates, semi-finished products and finished products to be transported around the production and fabrication site during the production process. MEGAMOVE provides full engineering logistics services from transportation within the project site, loading and unloading, shipping and delivery.
Rapid Demolition and Construction of Urban Overpasses
Urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, the original urban traffic design and planning may need to be readjusted, and some of the unreasonably designed or adjusted planning interchanges need to be demolished or rebuilt.

How to quickly demolish urban overpasses without affecting urban traffic, reducing the time of road closure or not, and minimizing urban social costs?

MEGAMOVE offers a complete technical solution and implementation construction plan for the rapid demolition and erection of urban overpasses with a new process. This includes rapid cutting and lifting of bridge segmental modules using equipment such as rope saws, SPMT and cranes. It saves more than 60% of the project time than the traditional process and has huge socio-economic benefits. The solution has been successfully implemented in Shenzhen HUANGMUGANG Interchange, HUIGANG Expressway and other places.

Rapid Demolition and Construction of Highway Span Bridges
The renovation and expansion of highways has become an important infrastructure project to alleviate the increasingly severe highway congestion. The highway renovation and expansion project often has a large number of span bridges across the highway need to be removed and re-erected.

How to quickly complete the demolition and construction of the span bridges without closing the highway, or with only half of the road closed?

MEGAMOVE provides solutions for the rapid demolition and construction of highway bridges. It can save more than 70% of time compared with existing solutions without affecting the highway traffic and reducing the highway toll revenue. The solution has been successfully implemented in South China Expressway, Zhejiang Expressway, etc., and has been highly recognized by the owner and the general contractor.