Extra-long, extra-large and extra-heavy special equipment for the petrochemical industry has become standard for new construction projects.

From 500 tons - 3,000 tons, from 20 meters to 200 meters, transportation services for all types of special production equipment and components for petrochemicals have become a key factor in the modular implementation of petrochemical industry projects and a key way to achieve efficiency improvements.

Both manufacturers of various types of petrochemical equipment and owners and general contractors of major petrochemical projects need to provide total engineering logistics solutions for major petrochemical projects and integrated solutions for on-site lifting and transportation. During new construction, renovation and shutdown, shortening transportation and displacement time and improving project efficiency are the most important needs of the project.

MEGAMOVE has extensive experience in engineering logistics for large and heavy cargoes and develops customized lifting and transportation solutions. We provide domestic and international end-to-end transportation services for oversized and overweight cargoes, including ocean freight, land freight, multimodal transportation and import/export customs clearance services.