Rental of Equipment
We currently have 200 axle lines of SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) with a single axle carrying capacity of 48 tons, and multiple heavy-duty flatbed trucks with a carrying capacity per truck ranging from 50 to 250 tons. All of our equipment can be flexibly leased and adjusted according to the actual project requirements, including axle splitting and parallel operation.
Integral Heavy Transport Solution
We combine the whole heavy transport process to provide integral solutions. Our services cover engineering design, project management, land transportation, load-out/load-in, and shipping. Technical work includes port analysis, ballast analysis, mooring analysis, stability analysis, structural strength analysis, etc. Professional team and tools to ensure the safety and stability during the transport process.
Engineering logistics service for export
“End-to-End Engineering Logistics Services for Major Equipment Export” provides domestic and international end-to-end engineering logistics services for oversized and overweight goods, including sea, land, multimodal transport, and import and export customs clearance services. Based on the special nature of the transported goods, it provides project planning and evaluation, transport route research, equipment selection, and customized land and sea transport solutions throughout the transportation process.

Heavy Lift and Rigging Services for Loading and Unloading
We provide comprehensive rigging services for loading and unloading heavy equipment, including roll-on/roll-off, crane lifting and lowering, skidding, sea-fastening and unfastening, weighing and other services.

Heavy Haulage Road Transportation
We offer road transportation services for heavy and oversized equipment using specialized transportation equipment such as hydraulic trailers, modular trailers, and lowbed trailers. This includes road transportation of items such as bridge steel box girders, concrete beams, and composite beams.

Heavy Lift Shipping Services
We provide sea freight services for large and heavy equipment, including EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracting and sea freight logistics services.


Local Site Transport

Local site transport services for steel structure, wind power equipment, electrical equipment, petrochemical equipment, etc. Heavy transport capacity up to 15,000MT or above such as ship and civil building.

As the authorized agent of Hubei WANSHAN Special Vehicles, we can provide sales and post-sales services regarding hydraulic trailers, heavy-duty flatbed trucks, SPMT modular trucks and other heavy-duty transport vehicles.