The large and medium repair project of Hedong Bridge successfully completed the demolition and construction of the H31# bridge section of the H-line approach bridge

发布日期:2019-06-10 18:13
Recently, the large and medium repair project of the Hedong Bridge successfully completed the demolition of the H31# bridge section of the H-line approach bridge.

The H31# bridge section is the most difficult to dismantle among all the bridge sections of the H-line approach bridge. The Industrial Avenue spanned by this bridge section is an existing urban arterial road in Guangzhou, with a lot of traffic during the day. In order to ensure urban traffic and construction safety at the same time, closed construction can only be carried out from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day, and the continuous construction time each time is relatively short. At the same time, there is Guangzhou Metro Line 11 under this section of the road, and the ground construction load requirements are relatively high.

For this reason, the project department conducted sufficient research and discussion on the plan in the early stage, and decided to adopt different construction plans according to the characteristics of the components: adopt the large-segment continuous lowering system + module truck transportation to lower and remove the beam partition, and use alternate lifting vehicle-mounted equipment The large longitudinal beams were lowered and removed; among them, the alternate lifting vehicle-mounted equipment was developed by the project department based on the transformation of the SPMT module vehicle, which realized the large height of the vehicle-mounted equipment and alternately lowered and moved the beam body, which perfectly solved the problem of the limited construction site of this project. There are many construction problems such as blocked transfer routes, complex dismantling of structures, and strict ground loading.

While doing the bridge demolition and construction, the project department will clean up the site of the closed road section in advance every morning, and open the traffic on time to ensure the normal operation of the city's main road in the morning peak.

With the completion of the demolition of the H31# bridge section of the Hedong Bridge, the demolition of the upper structure of the H-line of the Hedong Bridge has officially come to an end. At present, 95% of the demolition work has been completed, providing more opportunities for the subsequent installation of steel girders and bridge decks. On the construction work side, the project department has taken a big step towards the goal of opening the Hedong Bridge to traffic at the end of the year.


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